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"When you know, you know."

Hello, It's my first writing after years. The last time I wrote in my blog is on August, 2016, a couple days before I leftJakarta, my previous job, my friend --- to pursue a new live in Surabaya. I had no money, I had no friends nor family there. And I really was starting over, back being a college student. Yep, I took postgraduate study at ITS, Surabaya. Why Surabaya? Well, at that time, I wasn't really sure. Little did I know, it will be the best time of my life. There, i met the love of my life. People say, "When you know, you know." Well, from someone who was skeptical about marriage, I can't relate to this sentence. I thought, among a lot of reasons for someone to get married, I feel the phrase "When you know, you know" only applies to romance films. Because I've never felt like that about anyone. Well, I have loved before, or just simply being in a comfortable relationship. But I never met someone that thought to myself, "Well, t

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